In today's quickly developing technologically interconnected world, where technology seamlessly merges with our daily experiences, the demand for innovative and interactive brand identities has never been more pressing. As we stand at the forefront of a future redefined by Augmented Reality (AR) and Voice-empowered Artificial Intelligence (AI), it becomes most important to envision brand identities that transcend traditional static imagery to create attractive, engaging, enjoyable dynamic users and customer experiences.

This project embarks on a visionary journey, using the iconic Starbucks logo as a captivating case study. By reimagining brand identity as more than just a visual representation, I aim to showcase the transformative potential of interactivity in creating deeper connections with users and customers, by integrating cutting-edge technologies, we will demonstrate how the Starbucks logo can evolve into a multi-sensory and responsive entity, thereby creating a stronger and more intimate bond with its audience.

Imagine a Starbucks logo that not only graces coffee cups and storefronts but comes to life through AR, allowing customers to interact with it in real-time. Picture the logo responding to voice commands, providing personalized recommendations, or sharing delightful stories about the origins of your favorite brew. This isn't just about reinventing a logo; it's about redefining the very essence of brand identity in the digital age.

By embracing this forward-thinking approach, Brands can not only stay ahead of the curve but also position themselves at the forefront of the next technological leap. This visionary project is a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie at the future of brand identity and emerging technologies, paving the way for a future where brands truly come to life in the hands of their customers.

Project Overview

Design Process


 In the midst of a captivating Thursday morning lecture, our exceptional professor surprised the entire class with the gift of Starbucks coffee. As I found myself enchanted by the exquisite Starbucks logo on my cup, an intriguing thought crossed my mind – what if this iconic emblem could come to life and share a friendly wave? Fueled by newfound fascination with augmented reality, I envisioned the enchanting possibility and embarked on the "Awaken the Starbucks Siren" project to turn this idea into a reality. To create a truly impactful project, I dedicated myself to thorough background and market research, laying the foundation for a transformative and positively experience.

Background Research: Starbucks logo evolution

Delving into the rich tapestry of Starbucks' iconic logo, I conducted a captivating journey through its evolutionary timeline, unraveling the intricate layers that define its aesthetic evolution over the years.

Market Research: Mckinsey & Company research finding

Research from on the value of design shows the benefit of how design improves financial performance after tracking design practices across 300 publicly listed companies, over 5 years across three industries medical technology, consumer goods, and retail banking.

1.  We found a strong correlation between high MDI scores and superior business performance. Top- quartile McKinsey Design Index (MDI) scorers increased their revenues and total return to shareholders (TRS) substantially faster than their industry counterparts did over a five-year period 32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher TRS growth for the period as a whole.

2. The results held true in all three of the industries we looked at: medical technology, consumer goods, and retail banking. This suggests that good design matters whether your company focuses on physical goods, digital products, services, or some combination of these.

3.  TRS and revenue differences between the fourth, third, and second quartiles were marginal. In other words, the market disproportionately rewarded companies that truly stood out from the crowd (2)


  The insight gotten from the background research which on the evolution the Starbucks logo, shoes how \Starbuck has constantly strived to improve their logo, as so making the logo on if the most well-known brands all over which show it finally ready for its next evolution.

The research by McKinsey & Company also shows t how design improves financial performance of companies and brands all over the world, which it this design is implemented corrected it will sure improve customer experience and in turn improve the companies finance performance.

User Goals

Amazing customer service experience

Personalize experiences

Interactive and easy to understand information.

Business Objective

Attract new customers to purchase products.

Keep existing customers more informed about brand activities which would increase also increase product purchase.

Defining Possible Use Cases

Customized Augmented Reality experiences.

Animate logo use shops.

Mobile app use case.

Self-ordering Kiosk use care.


For the ideation phase, I imagined a dynamic Starbucks logo springing to life, gracefully reaching out to customers and beckoning them to savor a cup of coffee. Despite scouring the internet, I found no comparable projects, prompting me to download various Starbucks logo concepts. These inspired me, forming the foundation for a captivating mood board to bring my design vision to fruition.


I started the design process in Adobe Illustrator where I created the elements to be animated which compresses the different body parts that will be animated after that I saved the file and it was ready to be imported into Adobe After Effects.

I imported the Adobe Illustrator file elements to Adobe After Effects and added motion and keyframes to create different animation sequences to get the desired result.

Final render result